Are you planning to sell your home? Then, of course you will be wondering how you can achieve this at the best possible price and on your most favourable terms. Our aim is to remove any doubts such as:”Am I asking too much or too little? Or is it really the best time to sell the house?” With our extensive experience and know-how we can help you formulate your most optimal conditions. Not only will we take the size and state of the property into account, but will also consider aspects such as location, finish, and whether the object actually is in-vogue. After this thorough assessment, we’ll create a market analysis and sales strategy that best fits your needs. To top it off we will put together an elaborate brochure for your home. Your property will be showcased on our own website, the national real estate site Funda, on the Amsterdam Brokerage Association (MVA) website, and distributed thoughout our extensive network as well. We always have our eyes and ears open!